Maplewood Reformed Church Branding and Website Design

During this campaign, I was lucky enough to be invited to Maplewood’s location in Holland to redesign their website and branding materials. Throughout this process, I developed a Bluehost website using WordPress, designed motion graphics and video content through After Effects and Premiere, implemented marketing tactics using Mailchimp, and more.

You can view my website design here: www.maplewoodchurch.org

Bridge Street Market Integrated Communications Campaign

For our capstone project, we were tasked with creating an Integrated Communications Campaign for Bridge Street Market, a Grand Rapids-based grocery store during COVID-19. Throughout this campaign, tactics are suggested that enable Bridge Street Market to continue to reach their target audience while grocery shopping in-person is less prominent.

Design Thinking Academy – HR Employee Review System

During the 2018 school year, as a sophomore, I had the opportunity to be a part of the design thinking academy at GVSU. Throughout the year, we worked on the following campaign. Our goal was to redesign the ePDP (employee review system at GVSU) to foster relationships between employers and employees. We worked directly with Human Resources at GVSU, used the Stanford D-School design thinking methodology, and presented our findings at the end of the year.

Brief Boards Campaign

During 2019, I served as the Account Associate at GrandPR, a student-run PR firm out of GVSU. Throughout the year, I worked on several ad/pr campaigns with clients. Brief Boards is a client who had won an award for their clever collapsible longboard design, and needed a brand identity. As a group, we designed this campaign in an effort to create a brand identity for Brief Boards, while also providing suggestions for awareness. Throughout the process, I had the opportunity to work directly with the client to prototype a 3-D printed model.

Harbour Trust Digital Marketing Campaign

Harbour Trust is an investment management company from Michigan City, Indiana. Throughout this campaign, our goal was to grow Harbour Trusts’ clientele throughout the United States while doing so in an authentic, genuine manner. Specifically, I worked to budget, create, and evaluate social media ads on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Gripz Snacks – Brand Revival Campaign

In CAP 315, an Advertising Copywriting class at GVSU, my group and I were tasked with creating a Brand Revival Campaign for a brand of our choice. Our goal was to re-brand Gripz to appeal to college students through a variety of tactics.

The Win Tavern 33 Campaign

The Win Tavern 33 is a restaurant in Jenison, Michigan. Throughout this campaign, I show the strengths of The Win in a copywriting/design based campaign.

Graphic Design Examples

Sample After Effects Video
Sample After Effects Video #2
Sample After Effects Video #3
Sample After Effects Video #4

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