GVSU Design Thinking Academy

The GVSU Design Thinking Academy is an organization aimed at the “human-centered concept that uses design sensibilities for creating and producing the best product or service.”

During my time in the academy, and as a current fellow, I had the opportunity to re-design the employee review system at GVSU alongside three other team members. We worked with Human Resources to develop solutions to an outdated, uncompelling employee review system (ePDP). Additionally, I attended workshops at organizations such as WMCAT to further my design thinking skills.


  • Slow user interface
  • Negative attitude surrounding ePDP
  • Not all ePDPs were filled out honestly/seriously
  • Little incentive to fill out in-depth ePDP

Design Thinking Process

  • Empathy
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

Problem Statement: The problem is the process because it divides the reviewer and reviewee instead of being a holistic process in which both parties recieve and experience value.

Proposed Solutions

  • ePDP sequence of three sections
  • Break the ePDP into 3 semesters
  • Each department decides sequences and weeks
  • Provide sample content for users
  • Allow departments to customize content

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