Maplewood Reformed Church—Integrated Communications Plan

Maplewood Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan was seeing a vital need in its community. As an older congregation, the church was losing its younger audience and needed to strategize to develop a plan.


Tactics are ways in which goals can be accomplished. With a strategy in mind, platform development begins to take place.

1. Church Hub

The Church Hub is a single access point for congregation members to interact and engage with the church community 24/7/365. This includes a physical in-person kiosk to access the hub for those who do not have internet access. For example, in the Church Hub, you can:

  • Fill out a connection card
  • Sign up for a Life Group
  • Volunteer to serve
  • Sign up for events and happenings

2. Design & Content

  • Created solidified brand identity for Maplewood Reformed Church that was unique and relevant to the target audience.
  • Developed modern website using WordPress and Elementor with Mailchimp integration.
    • Took drone footage to enhance website experience.

3. Internal Communications

  • Created Mailchimp email marketing list and strategy for weekly bulletins and updates.
  • Established Facebook groups for communication among congregational groups.
  • Proposed a variety of direct mail tactics to effectively reach the older audience demographic.

4. External Communications

  • Livestream integration into website and Facebook Live.
  • Storytelling and blogging
    • Staff spotlights
    • History series (the church has a rich history, dating back to the 1940s)
    • Event recaps
    • Memorials
  • Create social media strategy (Facebook & Instagram) to engage an external audience.
  • Pitching stories to local media about happenings at the church (Holland Sentinel).

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